Painters' Nite

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Painters' Nite is an annual gathering event organized by Nippon Paint since 2007.

In this event, Nippon Paint invite colleagues to enjoy together, familiarizing relations and create a good business relationship. Nippon Paint to realize that success is not solely derived from hard work but from the warmth of the synergies that needs to be cultivated. This event also shows how Nippon Paint appreciate individuals who participate and support the realization of goals together as a solid team.

Painters' Nite present a variety of interesting events, creative and always anticipated every year. Some of them are vendor appreciation, best couple, best costume, most colorful person, candid photos, and other varied categories. Whenever Painters' Nite held always bring happiness, laughter, and a sense of kinship are more closely. The colleague also brought home a new passion for achievement and performance back to the front over the maximum.

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